Photography: Courtesy of Shauni Hartland

Sterre van Arum

My name is Sterre van Arum. I am a Master Interaction Technology student at the University of Twente, currently 23 years old.
I have a passion for design and apply the skills that I have gathered during my bachelor's and masters for real-life problems and cool projects. Currently I am l developing myself in the skills that I have gained. Feel free to look around on this website to get an image of what I am capable of!

Photography: Courtesy of Shauni Hartland

Interaction Technology

Using Technology for Design purposes

As a student at the University of Twente, I participated in the BSc Creative Technology (CreaTe), and am currently following the Master Interactive Technology (ITech). In these studies, I was able to develop several skills in several domains, mainly in the Human-Computer-Interaction field. These studies are truly one of a kind, and I am grateful that I have chosen them!
It is difficult to explain what you learn in the BSc and the Master. What I basically focus on in my projects, is to create tools that can help certain user groups, by using technology and design. A very 'CreaTe'-like project is the SpiroPlay application, where I helped with developing the designs of the visuals inside the app. My Projects section contains more information about this project.
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As already mentioned, for me CreaTe and I-Tech are all about knowing how to use design with technology. Design can include a lot of things, ranging from simply being able to create a visually and aesthetically pleasing image, to being able to know what design choices could have an influence on how a user perceives their experience differently or being able to create a prototype in a few minutes.
In my bachelor's and master's I have been able to follow courses where I learned to work with Soma Design, Multi-Sensory Design, Rapid Prototyping, UX Design, Co-Design, and User Testing. Additionally, I have been able to develop my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop. In my free time I have developed an interest for creating concept art.



Technology is also an important aspect for me. It is a means to get to an end, and it is also a lot of fun to be able to create interactive products or experiences through different technologies. Technology can include coding myself, or making use of certain domain that I am familiar with. In my bachelor's and master's I have been able to follow courses where I learned to work with Arduino, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Unity, Machine Learning, Speech Processing,



With all these skills, I have made several projects. If you want to check them out, click on the button below.

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